We're proud to support Chesa Boudin for District Attorney!


Real Justice PAC

Californian’s for Safety and Justice PAC 

San Francisco Tenants Union

San Francisco Berniecrats


Elected Leaders

Sandra Fewer, District 1 Supervisor

Aaron Peskin, District 3 Supervisor

Gordon Mar, District 4 Supervisor

Hillary Ronen, District 9 Supervisor

David Campos, Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party

Tom Ammiano, Former California State Assembly-member

Brigitte Davila, San Francisco Community College Board of Trustees

Shannell Williams, San Francisco Community College Board of Trustees

Cyrus Habib, Lieutenant Governor of WA

Jessica Jackson, Mayor of Mill Valley, Co-Founder of #cut50*

Mike Guingona, City Council Member for Daly City

Sarah Souza, San Francisco Democratic Party, President of Latino Democratic Club*

Petra De Jesus, San Francisco Democratic Party 

Christina Olague, Former District 5 Supervisor

John Avalos, Former District 11 Supervisor

Eric Mar, Former District 1 Supervisor

Jeff Brown, Former San Francisco Public Defender


Legal Community

Angela Davis, Civil Rights Activist

Shaun King, Co-Founder of Real Justice PAC and The North Star

Matt Gonzalez, Public Defender, Chief Attorney* and Former District 5 Supervisor

Bill Hing, Former Police Commissioner*

Peter Keane, Former Police Commissioner,  SF Ethics Commission Chair*

Cindy Elias

Vincent Schiraldi, Former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Probation*

Ryan Khojasteh, Immigration Rights Commissioner*

Doron Weinberg, Chair of Criminal Justice Advisory Council of the Bar Association of San Francisco*

Emily Jane Goodman, Retired Justice of the New York Supreme Court

James Bell, Founder and President of the W. Haywood Burns Institute for Fairness and Equity*

Paul Wright, Executive Director of the Human Rights Defense Center*

Zachary Norris, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights*

Gina Clayton Johnson, Executive Director and Founder, Essie Justice Group*

Peter Schey, Executive Director at the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law*

Fania Davis, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth*

Brett Dignam, Vice Dean of Experiential Education and Clinical Professor of Law, Columbia Law School*

Ellen Barry, MacArthur Fellow and founder of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children*

Professor James Forman, Yale Law School, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Locking up Our Own*

Professor Judith Resnik, Yale Law School*

Professor Dennis Curtis, Yale Law School*

Professor Michael Wald, Stanford Law School*

Professor Lara Bazelon, USF Law School*

Professor Maitreya Badami, Political Science and Criminal Justice Professor at Chico State*

Professor Emeritus Michael Tigar, Duke Law School*

Jon Golinger, Public Interest Attorney

Sharon Meadows, Professor Emeritus, University of San Francisco Law School*

Drucilla S. Ramey,  past Executive Director and General Counsel of the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) and past Executive Director of the National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ), and Dean Emerita of Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco*

Community Leaders

Danny Glover, Actor and District 5 Community Leader

David Talbot, Author, Season of the Witch

Dean Preston, Tenants Together*

Phelicia Jones, Justice For Mario Woods Coalition*

Father Richard Smith, Vicar of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church*

Rev. Joanna Lawrence Shenk, Associate Pastor, First Mennonite Church of San Francisco*

Margaret Brodkin, former Director of SF Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF)*

Amy Beinhart, President Bernal Heights Democratic Club*

Kate Chatfield, Co-founder, Policy Director of Re:Store Justice*

Pamela Price, former Candidate for Alameda County District Attorney

Lito Sandoval, former San Francisco Latino Democratic Club President*

Kevin Ortiz, Vice President of San Francisco Latino Democratic Club*

Gabriel Medina, Delegate of Assembly District 19*

Raj Jayadev, Silicon Valley DeBug

Starchild, Sex Worker Activist

Gloria Berry, Community Leader

Shahid Buttar, Community Leader

Jon Jacobo, Community Leader

Ronald Colthirst, Community Leader


*for identification purposes only