Meet Chesa Boudin

I'm running for District Attorney to create a safer San Francisco with equal justice for all. We know our criminal justice system is broken. My campaign is about fixing it.

We need fundamental change from top to bottom. We can make a difference. With your help, we will. Please join our campaign and vote November 5th!

- Chesa Boudin



  • End mass incarceration. 2/3 of people are back in prison within three years of their release. Breaking the cycle of crime and incarceration is the only way to make us safe.
  • Give crime victims a voice in every case. Justice needs to include all of us.
  • Eliminate cash bail. It allows dangerous people with money to buy their way out while poor people languish in jail regardless of how weak the evidence is against them.
  • Ensure equal enforcement of the law. Effectively prosecute police misconduct. Investigate and prosecute political corruption, corporate crime and landlords who break laws to exploit tenants.
  • End racist disparities. They plague every step of our criminal justice system.
  • Treat every arrest as an opportunity for intervention. In San Francisco, 75% of all people booked into jail suffer from serious mental illness, drug addiction – or both.
  • Focus resources on serious and violent felonies. Two-thirds of the cases that go to trial in San Francisco are misdemeanors – a tremendous waste of resources.